Surf Forecasts

Here are differing views of surf forecasts.
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Find the information that interests you the most and use the link to the nice people that provide that information.

North Steyne Forecast

Live surf report for the middle of Manly Beach (Sydney - Australia).

Go to for surf reports & forecasts

Surf Forecast Australia - La Jolla

This information appears to be current but I cannot find the page that displays it on either the lajollasurf or stormsurf sites.

Global perspective

This gives you an idea of what the surf is doing at the moment.
Visit the Surfline site for details.

See also the Surfline chart that plots wind and swell aimed toward Sydney..
Press the Loop button on the top right hand corner to see the chart animate up to 120 hours ahead.

Seabreeze com au- Sydney forecast

Great graphical representation of the forecast at
In fact if you need to know what the wind is doing anywhere in Australia, this site has live wind graphs and seven day wind & wave forecasts presented in an easy to read format.

They also have a listing of Second Hand Kitesurfing and Windsurfing Equipment.