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Project Xanadu

Ted Nelson is the founder of Project Xanadu
Ted's thinking is in multiple contexts.
He has tried for years to introduce something better than a web full of broken links.

For example a xanadoc is represented as two lists: a list of content and a list of overlays

Ted describes himself as a "Systems Humanist", thinking of the tapestry of information.

Quote from the interview: "Good UI; make some choices obvious, hide the other less common ones."

Triangulation interview 164:
Note: Duration exceeds 1 hour so consider getting the audio from iTunes.


Web Standard Design

From twit.tv/show/triangulation/63
Leo Laporte interviews Jeffrey Zeldman.
One of the first web designers, and pioneer of web standard design structure and behavior.
Note: Duration exceeds 1 hour so consider getting the audio from iTunes.


Don't feed the aggregators

Make your own business website. "Aggregators" make directories of similar businesses and give you a "page". This page is no substitute for your own site. Your own business site would not have a ready link to a competing business. So why are businesses feeding the aggregators?


Example of the use of maps

A bit of a bike ride, the Gong Ride, a 90k cycle ride from Sydney to Wollongong (7 Nov 10).
Click on the route to see notes on that part of the ride.

See also:
Google Places for Business
Use it to get your business found on local search results on both Google Search and Google Maps.